Top 5 Up in the Air Travel Tips

Top 5 Up in the Air Travel Tips

As a frequent flier here are my top travel tips which will get you from A to B faster and giving you the most amount of work time while in transit

1.     How to find the best parking spot: When trying to find a parking spot, first drive to the door, then drive away from it, that way you know you’ll have the closest spot. Advanced tip: people tend to park in the same row as the door, if you drive away from the door (crossing rows first) to the last row, typically the walk crossing rows through cars is shorter than staying in the same row as the entrance door.

2.     How to avoid idiots at airport security: For the security line, look down. Check out people’s shoes. Typically bad/old/crappy shoes means non-frequent travelers (I know it’s a bad stereotype but it works)… Also obviously watch out for old people. As a side note – many people say look out for people traveling with roll-aboard bags. This is bad advice in general. Being behind someone with good shoes and a high quality roll-aboard with some wear typically means they’ve been through airport security before and have a higher percentage of making it through airport security without a beep or bag-check. However watch out for Louis Vuitton bags or brand new crappy bags (with cheap handles)… that’s a dead giveaway you’re in for a disaster. If you’re not a big traveler, another quick tip is look what lines the pilots and staff go, they know the faster lines, just follow their lead.

3.     How to get free Wi-Fi: go sit outside any airport lounge if you’re too cheap to buy the airport Internet or have your own 3G/4G Internet on the go.

4.     Bring a real book: I NEVER read anything before I started traveling on planes, mostly because I was too cool or too tech-oriented. However a real book, which is FREE at a library or cheap at Amazon, can get you smart during real down time. If you take a 2-hour flight, about 1 hour of it is below 10,000 ft (or on the ground.) This is perfect book time to get smarter on a business topic and the only time I read.

5.     Don’t eat anything they give you on a plane: Unless you’re first class to China, don’t eat the snacks, if you drink anything make it a water. Planes are very dry and all the food is salty, not a good combo. Also notice the correlation between business travelers and weight…. There’s a reason for it.

One additional point, remember that air travel is hard and planes fly in weather, which changes. Planes are also tightly regulated and any minor problem can cause a mechanical delay. The airport staff, are people too, don’t yell at them. I see it way to often. It’s not their fault and they are just trying to get you where you need to go. If you are delayed, call the airline number that is usually on the ticket jacket or you can get the number from 411 or a quick Google search. That’s the fastest way to get rerouted.

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I may follow up with an advanced travel tips and possibly a post with my travel gear I use which is the best of the best!