3 Reasons Why Putting iOS or Android into the Dashboard is a Bad Idea

CE Outlook called us to get a comment on a topic which inspired this post.
  1. Driver Safety – Having a car stereo that runs the iOS and Android operating system is essentially mounting your iPhone or Android phone in the dashboard with a different screen size. If this was to happen every app in the android market would have to be censored by car companies (which would be a car company PR disaster) or you get angry birds in the car. I imagine that teen drivers would probably think that is cool. I know when I was young and dumb, I’d be down to have that in my car.
  2. Developer Nightmare – One of the biggest issues at Livio with Android is developing for multiple types of phones that run Android. Now imaging having to support different screens and different feature sets for a car mode. Add on top of that the possibility of having ONE application that has to go through approval (referred in point 1) from every car company. It would take months to do a simple app update. What a cluster!
  3. Customer Confusion – Paul, our sales guy at Livio, told me a story recently about a neighbor that has Ford Sync in their vehicle and asked him for a Livio car kit, not knowing that the Ford Sync system would do everything the Kit would do. There are a lot of different types of people driving cars, my guess is that only 10% would understand how to, and probably less % would actually, download applications to their car stereo. Then there is the explanation of how to connect your phone to the stereo or why a consumer should pay for another Internet connection for their car. Suddenly for Paul’s neighbor, the aux in jack seems a lot more convenient to stream Pandora through their car speakers from their iPhone.