5 Apps on my iPhone home screen – The Great, Good, Bad, and Ugly

  1. jake sigal iphone home screenIt’s Time (Great) – This is a really cool app I use for things that need to be done every X days/months but don’t always happen on a calendar schedule. Aside from my haircut, I use this to keep track of blogging, giving Eva kitty a bath, washing my car, and a bunch of other stuff that needs to happen but rarely happens on a specific schedule. It also shows me how long I’m overdue which is cool.
  2. GoTasks (Great) – Like the Apple Calendar, I’ve tried at least 6 apps to track my tasks and I keep using Google calendar tasks online (in google calendar), this app syncs all of the calendar tasks and has a lot of grouping / sorting options. I use GoTasks as a client for google tasks, and I use google tasks for everything personal and business that need to get done. I love my lists.
  3. Spotify (Good) – Just went to family plan adding Abbee for an extra $5. I set up Spotify to download 320kbps on wifi for offline mode and use 160kbps for streaming.
  4. Waze (Bad) – Is anyone else pissed that the feature to text someone when you are going to show up is GONE! WTF… Now the person has to be on waze and has to look at their phone to know when I’m arriving. Might be switching to glimpse soon.
  5. Settings (Ugly) – The iOS settings are getting out of control. Feature creep has made the settings menu completely unmanageable. For Macs, there is a search opion on the system preffs (and the search box automatically loads on the mac to start typing what you want to figure out the right setting.) Expect Apple to address this with iOS9. For example, if you want to know your IMEI number, you should just be able to pull up a search bar on the settings and type in IMEI. Doing a iPhone search (from the home screen for IMEI doesn’t work). I asked SIRI what my IMEI number is… #FAIL… it pulled up my address card with my phone number (and yes, siri did hear me correctly…