5 Vegas Tradeshow Travel Tips for Young Professionals

I just got back from a quick weekend trip to NAB in Vegas. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to Vegas about 25 times the last 10 years, with a mix of business and pleasure (and sometimes both)

This list is for people that have been to Vegas and already know the basics:

  1. Multiple Exit Strategies – Give yourself options to travel quickly. I like the Monorail to get to and from the convention center. Get on at the LVH (formerly called LV Hilton) to avoid the crowd at the LVCC stop. If you need a fast cab, go to the front of the line, walk through the line, find someone young with a name badge on and say “Hi [NAME], I’m running late to a meeting, I’ll pay you cash for the cab fare” Odds are they will take it. I’ve done this a few times in a pinch.
  2. Starbucks breakfast, MRE lunches, and Baller Dinners – Bring your own lunch, and bookmark good restaurants on Yelp before you go to Vegas. If you’ve been to Vegas a few times you know the deal with food. Get a couple GO-TOs like Gordon Biersch, that can be casual but are still upscale enough to bring a client, have a bar for quick access with a bar menu, and are in the $20-$30pp range. It’s huge to have places you can get in and out of without an issue.
  3. Three pairs of shoes (gym/flips/dress) – Wear shoes that you can walk all day in and also get into the club at night. Unless you want to pack like my wife, you probably have enough room for flips, workout shoes, and one more pair. I prefer black loafers that can go with jeans, a suit, or shorts (no socks.)
  4. Waive the Resort Fees – Resorts sometimes include this fee, if you are at a trade show ask them to waive it. Especially if your hotel doesn’t offer the workout room for free anyways. Sometimes when you book the room you can just ask them to remove the fee. If you do pay for it, make sure you know what you’re paying for and if it makes sense. On tradeshow trips it rarely pays off.
  5. Turn off Push Notifications on your iPhone. (Settings -> Mail,Contacts,Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> then turn off Push at the top): Vegas will kill your battery faster than watching Netflix. Turning off push is always a good plan while traveling, however in Vegas it’s required. Also buy 2 Mophie juice packs (I just got mine for the iPhone5) to throw in your bag to keep you phone charged up during business, and then at night you’re starting the evening at 100%.

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