A small entrepreneur at the BIG Mackinac policy conference

Being an entrepreneur is so in vogue now that everyone wants a piece of the action. It’s hard to find a business conference that doesn’t talk about entrepreneurs. One of the hardest words to spell has become standard jargon beyond tech circles into the big corporations.

As a focus for the big Michigan policy conference, a few of us were hand selected to show up and talk the talk. I get really excited to hear a bunch of people that never started anything talk about the challenges of being an entrepreneur. It’s refreshing to finally get the opportunity to speak from experience. In the last 10 years, there aren’t many of us, but we exist. I was speaking for all of us.

I like to take partial credit for bringing jeans into the automotive business, and if the Mackinac policy conference goes to denim in the next few years, you can call us entrepreneurs that were there this year the trendsetters for Pure Michigan fashion in a “restricted” dress code event. If there’s any doubt, the security guy on the way in gave me the “You don’t look like you are supposed to be here” look!

I was impressed with the progressive discussions I was involved with at the conference and it’s clear that our region is moving in the right direction. I was expecting people to be talking about entrepreneurs, I wasn’t expecting anyone to listen and actually hear us.

I’m shocked to say I’m looking forward to the content in next year’s conference. Can’t wait!