@ AARP Show in Vegas

Just finished up our first successful sales trade show in Vegas at the AARP Vegas@50+

Greg Kim with customer at Livio Radio booth at AARP show in vegas

Figured out that the best selling approach for CE products is absolutely on a discount. We provided a $75 discount with free shipping and Livio’s were flying out of the booth at a rate of 2-3 per hour. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading boomer marketing books and it seems to be paying off. Specifically I’ve given our team direction to push 1) discount 2) convenience and 3) a personal story of how we use the product.

Now we are trying to work out how to make this success scalable. Right now the plan is to get an agency to create/buy ads and spots for boomer print and audio. Additionally we are working some CPA deals through Google Affiliate. All in all it was great to finally get some real traction.

Additionally I had a meeting with the staff and we are going to once again cut down the number of actives in sales and marketing and spend more time in the boomer space. Seems to make sense for us.