Amazon Reorders!

According to CEA, Amazon is now the 3rd largest CE retailer for audio products in the country and I’m very happy to be doing business with them. We just got our largest order to date, right when I was starting to wonder if the economy would really slow us down.

One thing they do better than anyone else is the real customer reviews and the ability for the end users to tell the story through words and pictures.

Now here’s a secret that only us product develpers know and would normally never admit to: We look for our own product weaknesses online as well as competitive. Specifically, a user on Amazon figured out there was a way to cause our IRA from Myine to loose the favorites which we quickly fixed. It was a very hard bug to spot and we never saw it in beta testing. But yet a user on Amazon saved the day.

so here’s to Amazon, and their business keeping food on the table here…