College Marching Band Inspires Branding for Livio, and it works!

Well CES has already started for me. I picked up my first two business cards before I left DTW. First was a guy from an OEM we already know. Second was from another supplier.

And sure enough I’m sitting next to a guy from an infotainment company. Kind of crazy how CES works out. Last year on the plane out to CES, I was next to my buddy Mark Hines, formerly with Chrysler (randomly.)

When I was at Ohio University, I was honored to be part of the Marching 110 (Marching band) drumline. As a 18 year old we were drilled with lessons about how whenever we wear anything band related, band shirts, band jackets, even carrying our drumsticks and drumpad, we were representing the 110.

And there was this crazy rule (formerly known has hazing) for freshman that we always had to carry our sticks at all times. On Thursdays we always had our band jackets for band practice. For homecoming we would all do a bar tour with the drumline, playing cadences down Court St.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it was a branding message. The little details of representing the 110 on campus is the same as sporting the Livio robot at DTW on a flight to CES. There’s a fine line between keeping the brand and turning into Garth from Wayne’s World in full Reebok gear, but it’s an important element to the brand.

Representing Livio in DTW gets the guy I met once to go “Hey Jake…” turns to their friend, and introduces me as “These are the Livio guys in Ferndale and they kick ass!”

Donating this blog post to Dr. Suk in Athens Ohio for instilling pride and brand in the 110. This carried over to my business, which helps close deals! If there’s any doubt about being a band nerd, there are 3,000,000 viewers that think we kick ass! Dr. Suk realized the importance of consistent branding on and off the performance field. Same applies for Livio.

See you at CES 2013, Livio is at Booth 2806, North Hall, in the auto section.