Eating Alone in Philly on the Saturday night of Thanksgiving Weekend

I’m writing this from a Borders located in Glen Mills, PA.

I sent my family that came in from Columbus and Charlotte home early from Thanksgiving weekend as I got the call from QVC to go on air in the middle of the night. Going “on air” requires flying from DTW to PHL, then waiting for the Thrifty shuttle bus, then driving about an hour to QVC HQ. Here’s a link from my first show.

As with any new product for QVC, we go “on air” during relatively less peak times. Keep in mind that it’s relative and every minute 24-7 is a good time. I’m wearing concealer and power to matt out my face for QVC. As QVC is slammed being the season, I couldn’t get an appt set with their salon in time.

One of the hardest parts of my job is doing whatever it takes to make the sale. Like QVC, my business is a 24-7 operation. However the hardest part of the hardest part is doing it alone. And the worst part of that is eating by myself in a restaurant (as I hate fast food.)

I wonder if the couple next to me at the bar, the bartender, or the students studying in this Borders wonder what I’m doing by myself…

Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t bad, but eating by yourself and having to keep mentally stimulated is. Not sure what I would do without my iPhone to keep me busy, but it’s still pretty bad. And the worst part of all of this (24-7 & doing it alone & eating by myself -> keeping sane) is realizing that everyone else on a Saturday is with their family and friends.

There are some things I’ve done which are “right of passage” for a entrepreneur. Some things are “one time” or prerequisites for a milestone in the business. However eating by myself on a Saturday, I’m afraid is all part of this venture. If we continue to be successful on QVC, there will be more days away, only increasing with success.

Ironically, what is the most personally taxing is the most lucrative.