eMail Tech for Startups – Don’t let your startup team use an email program on their computer!

Use Google Apps for Business for Hosting

You can host your domain wherever you want, but point your mail server over to Google and use Google Apps for Business (basically Gmail). Google now offers 30Gb of storage per user so there’s no more issues of filled inboxes. Sure there are more affordable solutions, and there are other hosted server options. Trust me, just pay Google, and never have to worry about an IT issue ever again with their services.

Force your staff to only use web-based email (no mail applications on the computers)

If you know me, you know I’m a mac guy for life. However I am a power user of email. My inbox is Zero every night (see my blog post HERE). I think that having good rules and the ability to move emails between Livio and my personal jakesigal domain is really useful. However if you are a CEO of a tech startup, force everyone in your company to use the online mail.

If your company is like we were, you probably have 10 folks all doing different systems. It’s really challenging to get everyone to switch. I basically had to lay down the law. If that doesn’t work, Google offers a setting to shut off IMAP and POP.

I have heard every excuse in the book ranging from “ Jake, you don’t understand, I need to use the advanced features…” to “Jake I’m an engineer, I’m capable of using whatever email system I want and I won’t bug you for tech support…”

I will concede and even argue that using the Mail app or Outlook is better than using the online webmail for your email. But unless you have a full time IT guy (which is probably your job as the CEO/CBW) that can deal with various employees different (inconsistent) practices with email, just force everyone to use the same system. Use the system that doesn’t go down, ever, and doesn’t require any tech support.

I don’t listen

At Livio there is only three of us still using the Mail app instead of the web mail. I just upgraded to Mavericks on my MBA and after the update, about 25 of my folders and subfolders within Mail, they are in an .mbox in my /library, and they won’t import back into mail… wheee…  I should have listened to my own advice.

If you’re familiar with the Mavericks upgrade, the folders missing weren’t from Gmail, they were from my stored message. I even waited to do the upgrade to Mavericks after the recent Apple patch update. I know there are 3rd party apps to rebuild my .mbox, but what a mess!

At least I’m the only one with this issue right now as everyone else is using the online Google webmail for Livio!