Leave it in Your Pants

Ok, for goodness sake, please leave your cellphone in your pants when you’re speaking in public. How many times on a panel do you see some dufus pull out their iPhone like they are about to show you a working hoverboard, the golden ticket, or the cure to cancer… only to reveal that they have phone.

  1. We all know what an iPhone/Android/Blackberry is
  2. We all know that it has apps
  3. We all know that it “can change the world”
  4. We all know that “these little things are changing the way that [fill in the blank] are [fill in the blank].”
  5. We all know that people are going to use them instead of whatever else you are talking about
  6. We all know that the can be mounted somewhere to do something
  7. We all know that they connect to the world
  8. We all know that more and more people have them
  9. We all know that they have a data plan
  10. Yes, we know whatever other general statement you are thinking I don’t already know here for the #10 spot.

Please stop pulling it out of your pants on panels, in meetings, and in public to explain to me (and anyone in tech) what a smartphone is. I think we “get it.”

The next time someone does that I just might throw up the salute for Capt. Obvious!

If you do pull it out, it better make someone’s jaw drop with what you’re doing with it…

It’s not a prop people, it’s just a dumb smartphone… “just sayin”