Livio Radio copied by Grace Digital!

Gandhi was right “First they ignore, then they laugh, then they fight, then you win.” I had a staff meeting where I told everyone that we’ve finally made it to the point where people have quit laughing and are now fighting. I was worried that the staff would freak out. To my surprise every single person in the office wanted to push even harder for our new products and had no concern whatsoever. (including our sales guys… which was a huge surprise)

I imagine many of our competitors are gunning for us now. I can’t think of a more ridiculous example of flat out copying than what Grace did with their new Pandora radio (which I’m not going to give them the SEO pleasure of a link) They even tried to copy our Facebook page and stole our PR agency we were using!

(which BTW they also sell a USB turntable….. hmm…. Another invention of mine)

The thing about being a good entrepreneur, and why I’ve been happy getting up in the morning and coming to work, is being able to innovate and create new products using the latest and greatest technology.

From Livio as you probably know it’s going into the car and expanding into the home. As an avid hockey player, I know to skate where the puck is going. If I do my job Grace and others will continue to copy. It means we’re doing our job. We’re never going to win on price but our customers don’t mind paying a few extra bucks to support a team of people working on products with a personal passion for music and technology.

My most recent hires, Tom Denton and Nicole Yelland (@nwlife) , quit good jobs at Delphi and the Detroit Redwings (respectively) to work with us on our Livio team. Sometimes I wonder why, but I know they believe in the company for our passion and product plan. Also probably why there are still here at 6:30 working hard.

I’d like to invite you to come see us at CES… and yes Grace, you’re welcome to sneak up with your product managers for ideas of what to work on next year!

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