SXSW Solo Presentation Agenda and Thoughts

Working on my SXSW solo presentation

So I asked Nicole, my brand manager to get me in front of some good crowds this year. I didn’t expect her to land me a 60 min solo spot on a stage at SXSW representing Detroit!

I’ve been a performer for most of my life fighting for the limelight. Now this presentation is a little different than anything I’ve done before for a few reasons. First, I’m on my own without any backup, sideshows, demonstrations, or even friends/family/staff in the audience. Second, I’m representing Detroit, which normally is no big deal, except I’m not from Detroit and I’m one of the few transplants crazy enough not only to stay in MI, but also be a non-native spokesperson for region. Third and most importantly, I can’t decide how politically bias I want to get with this presentation.

I think the first two issues are just BS issues I need to just get over. Nonetheless, I’m trying to avoid the third issue but there’s just no way around it. I’ve read about 25 books about presenting and I can sum up the lessons I learned here:

1.     Break up the presentation into 3 main concepts

2.     Tell a unique story by explaining something in a way not previously explored

3.     Keep it under 20 minutes.

OK well I have 60 minutes so rule number 3 is out. Rule number 2 is no problem except I’m very concerned about providing my personal views of the Internet radio world and how our Livio Radio partners may react to my thoughts. With that I made a decision.

I am going to discuss a 10 year prediction on Internet radio (Internet Radio 2020s) To get to 2020, I am going to first discuss what is going on today with Internet radio and quickly classify and objectify the subjective and boundless Internet radio brands into some easy to categorize buckets.  I’ll discuss the major issues surrounding radio and challenges in the home, in the car, and on the go.

The second part I’m going to talk about car Internet radio, how to get it installed, and the major questions and challenges that exist.

The last part is the “future”, where I personally see the ship going. I can’t tell you that in the blog post you’ll just have to check out my presentation (and hope I don’t get laughed or boo’d off the stage) I’m hoping that considering I’m talking 10 years out and that it doesn’t immediately affect my business today, our partners won’t get too pissed. (keep in mind that they are super cool but I’m still always on edge when it comes to providing predictions, even if I don’t use any specific names)

If you’re coming to SXSW and using the iPhone application to keep track of your schedule, my presentation is linked here and if you have any questions, hit me up @jakesigal

See you in Austin!