Your strike force – Creating your team

Hiring is the most important thing we do at Livio. We only hire people that can make a significant contribution and can do at least one thing better than anyone else can in the company. We also create an environment of learning. Even having the first Tuesday of the month set as the official “lab day” where anything goes, as long as it’s not work related.

  1. Everybody is involved in the hiring process – From the first resume to the final interview, everyone in the group is involved in the process. For us, it’s the entire company, for larger companies, it should be the entire team or working group.
  2. Only hire people smarter than you are – At Livio we believe the only way to grow is to hire people that can teach the group something, as well as be willing to learn from the others. We have had many candidates through the process where we would ask our team, “What does this person do better than anyone can currently do?” This is a requirement to work on our team.
  3. Require passion – I personally do the final interview for every employee on the team. Once they get to me, they have passed the gauntlet of questions and conversations with other Livio crewmembers. If there’s a tough decision on a candidate, I usually go with passion. I ask candidates to tell me what they are passionate about. I listen for emotion and the ability to articulate their passion, why they do it, and what they want out of it (e.g. goals, progression, success, etc.)
  4. Treat everyone differently – We have the saying at Livio that we treat everyone differently. I believe that no two people are the same so why should policies be set up to apply to everyone. I believe that there needs to be standards in the workplace to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment. However when it comes to HR policies that aren’t legal in nature, we treat everyone differently. My team works hard and plays hard. We have many people in bands, sports, and other personal activities on a weekly basis. It’s not just about hockey at noon, I also encourage people to take work hours to go to the DMV, deal with personal deliveries, car maintenance, or other personal chores which really are tough to do after hours. At the end of the week, month, and year; I know our team produces more, with more time to balance work and life.
  5. Respond to everyone that applies – Livio isn’t a place for everyone at any given moment. However we think that anyone who takes the time out of their lunch, morning, night, or weekend to apply to join our team deserves the respect and courtesy of a professional response.